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Over 300ha of site clearance (includes approx 5000 trees)

Over 2,000 amphibians, including 587great crested newts, 488 smooth newts, 885 toads and 103 frogs, trapped and moved

42km of fencing complete

10 km of drainage installed so far

20 Drainage lagoons created

50 Utility service diversions changed over or ready

High Pressure gas main diversion completed

512,000 cubic metres of topsoil strip

1.2 million cubic metres of bulk excavation

11,507t of material so far used for structures, compounds, piling mats, crane platforms

56,000 cubic metres of site-won gravels stockpiled for surface construction

2,354 cubic metres of concrete in place

New Drayton Lane – Earthworks and utility service diversions complete.

Green Lane West/Wroxham Rd junction

Progress on cycleways, bridleways and paths – being completed as mainline works and roundabouts progress

Over 500,000 hours recorded without a LTA (Lost Time Accident)