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The Ifield Group is a real-estate development and investment company encompassing Ifield Estates Limited, Ifield Trust and Ifield Projects Limited. It has been involved in numerous projects throughout the UK and prides itself on having a professional and thorough approach to the whole property development and investment process. In our experience partners and stakeholders respond to a smaller team who concentrate on attending to every detail.

Ifield was formed in 2001 to undertake joint ventures and commercial property projects including Crawley town centre with Hammerson Plc and a consortium of private and Plc investors. In 2002 it formed Garden Park Investments (GPI) and secured planning for retail schemes in Bicester, Sheffield, Andover and developed over 10,000 sq.m  in Peterborough which opened in 2010 and was awarded the BCSC Gold Award for Best Out of Town Retail Scheme. A phase two foodstore was secured in 2016 and the scheme was successfully sold in the same year. GPI also co-owned garden centres with Lasalle Investment Management which were successfully sold in 2015.

Ifield is the original promoter and principle developer of Broadland Gate, Norwich which has consent for 75,000sq.m of mixed commercial uses. In partnership with Pigeon Investment Management, the internal infrastructure is now underway and a contract with Inchcape has been completed to undertake a new flagship Jaguar Land Rover showroom, scheduled to open in 2019. The landowners of the Norwich sites said:

Throughout a very challenging project, Ifield have always had a collaborative and diligent approach to the project and have continually striven to drive best value. Throughout our 12 year involvement they have always acted professionally and we would be happy to recommend them to other landowners.

Ifield has also secured an allocation for housing for circa 500 units north of Broadland Gate and has entered into a joint venture agreement with Larkfleet Homes to bring this forward.