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A prestigious destination on the eastern edge of Norwich – ‘Norwich’s new gateway’. Broadland Gate is a high profile scheme with a variety of uses and quality buildings, integrating and forming a working community with retail and leisure facilities.

This 23ha opportunity represents the gateway to a significant sustainable extension to the north east of Norwich where there is a clear vision for growth to deliver up to 10,000 dwellings and contribute significantly towards the creation of 27,000 new jobs throughout the Greater Norwich area. Broadland Gate is located at the apex of the A47 southern by-pass and the new Norwich Northern Distributor Road with direct access to both (with links to Norwich Airport), making it one of the most convenient destinations in East Norwich’s business district.

Norwich has the third highest concentration of science and research parks in the country with access to Science and Education focussed talent, specifically Digital Advertising & Marketing, Telecommunications & Networking, E-commerce &Marketplace and App & Software Development.

The area has an established, skilled and diversified workforce with 40% of low occupational skill level and 35% of senior management professionals.

Plots are available from 1517sq m to 8502sq m

PLOT     ACRES              HA

1              3.26                  1.32

Unit        55,185 sq ft  (5,127 sq m)

2             4.53                   1.83

Unit       91,510 sq ft  (8,502 sq m)

3             3.82                   1.54

Unit       62,110 sq ft  (5,771 sq m)

4             3.20                  1.29

Unit       49,905 sq ft  (4,637 sq m)

5              1.46                  0.59

Unit        22,830 sq ft  (2,121 sq m)

6              1.70                 0.69

Unit        26,205 sq ft  (2,434 sq m)

7              2.42                0.98

Unit        42,865 sq ft  (3,982 sq m)

8-14         4.0                 1.62

Units      from 8,590 sq ft ( 798 sq m)

               to 16,330 sq ft  (1,517 sq m)

Trade Park

                2.82                1.14

Units     37,735 sq ft  (3,506 sq m)

Indicative unit and plot sizes, subject to change.

Contact us or our agents if you would like to discuss your specific requirements.