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Another 7.5km of the A1270 Norwich Northern Distributor Road was opened in time for Christmas- two months ahead of schedule.

The new dual carriageway between the A140 Cromer Road and the A1151 Wroxham Road was opened even though heavy sleet and hail was followed by a freeze that left the new surface encased in ice.

The new stretch adds a further 7.5km of the A1270 to the 6km, from the A1067 Fakenham Road to the A140 Cromer Road that opened in early November. It includes (west to east):

  • Access under the A140, with two more slip roads completing connection of the two ‘A’ roads.
  • A roundabout where the dual carriageway turns around the northern corner of Norwich Airport. This provides access to the Petans Safety Training centre and other premises, but there is no other road connection.
  • The Woodlands Bridge, carrying Buxton Road, Spixworth, over the dual carriageway. The bridge includes a segregated pedestrian and cycle track which is shielded from headlights from the road below to create a ‘dark corridor’ for bats.
  • The North Walsham Road Roundabout, connecting the A1270 Norwich NDR with the B1150.
  • The Wroxham Road Roundabout, connecting the NDR with the A1151 to Wroxham, Hoveton and the Broads.

The remaining 5.25km to Postwick is scheduled for completion in March 2018.